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Purity you can taste!

Morley Water Improvement Systems

is a local Redlands company that has been in business for over 50 years. We are well known for our outstanding customer service and competitive pricing on exchange tank soft water service, automatic water softener units, reverse osmosis drinking water systems, water coolers and whole house systems. We service the San Bernardino and Riverside Counties of the Inland Empire. We offer FREE Consultations and Water Analysis, which includes testing your water for “hardness” and TDS(Total Disolved Solids) in drinking water. Please call us with any questions you may have (909) 793-2359


Some of the Benefits of Soft Water Include:

√ No Soap Scum or Mineral Deposits
√ No Hard Water Build-up
√ Clearer Glass Shower Doors
√ Use Less Soaps & Shampoos
√ Drastically Reduce Dry, Itchy Skin
√ Softer, Cleaner, Brighter Clothes
√ Easier, Faster House Cleaning
√ Drastically Reduce Clogged Pipes
√ Increase the Life of your Appliances

Morley Water Improvement Systems Offers:

Soft Water Exchange Tank Service

√ No Equipment To Buy
√ No Work To Do
√ Fully Customized Service
√ Commercial & Residential

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Automatic Water Softener Units

√ Proven “Fleck” Control Valve
√ Digital Demand Technology
√ Fully Customized Systems
√ Little Maintenance Required
√ High Quality Performance
√ No Monthly Fees

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Taste the Difference - High Quality Drinking Water

Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems

√Instant clean and delicious water
√Removes impurities
√ Saves money compared to bottled water
√No more lifting or storing heavy 5 gallon bottles
√Better for the environment

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Vertex Water Coolers

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