Automatic Water Softener

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Morley Water offers you two soft water solutions to fit your needs. One option is to purchase an automatic water softener system. Click here to learn about our exchange tank service. The automatic system is run by a Fleck Control Valve, which over the years the Morley’s have found to be the most reliable computer control system on the market. The dependability of Fleck will assure that your family will always have an ample supply of soft water. The automatic units recharge according to your personal water usage. Control valve comes with a complete 5 year guarantee, and the salt and pressure tanks come with a complete 10 year guarantee.

What’s the big deal about HARD WATER?


First of all 85% of American homes have “hard” water according to the U.S. Geological Survey. Some of the common problems with hard water include: rusting and corrosion of pipes, clothing stains, itchy dry skin, faster breakdown of appliances, and higher heating bills just to name a few.

Why is Our Water “HARD”?


Two-thirds of the water on Earth is groundwater. As it travels through rock and soil it picks up particles of calcium and magnesium. “Hardness” is measured in Grains Per Gallon. Morley Water actually will come to your home or business for a FREE WATER ANALYSIS of your water,which includes testing your water for “hardness” and TDS(Total Dissolved Solids) in drinking water. We can measure the exact amount and make recommendations of what the best solution for you.

How Can You Tell If Your Water is “HARD”?


There are many signs including: Clogged appliances and pipes, water heating costs increase, spots on dishes, soaps and detergents won’t lather well, dry itchy skin, sticky film on bathtubs and shower tiles, ring around toilets and spotted glass shower doors.

Soft water service from morley water

No Hard Water, No Soap Scum, Soap Lathers Better!

Some Benefits of Soft Water:

√ No Soap Scum or Mineral Deposits
√ No Hard Water Build-up
√ Clearer Glass Shower Doors
√ Use Less Soaps & Shampoos
√ Drastically Reduce Dry, Itchy Skin
√ Softer, Cleaner, Brighter Clothes
√ Easier, Faster House Cleaning
√ Drastically Reduce Clogged Pipes
√ Increase the Life of your Appliances

Benefits of an Automatic Water Softener:

√ Proven “Fleck” Control Valve
√ Digital Demand Technology
√ Fully Customized Systems
√ Low Maintenance
√ High Quality Performance
√ No Monthly Fees

Morley Water offers a FREE Consultation and Water Analysis at your home or business. We can also explain all the options and benefits between a automatic water softener or our exchange tank service. We work hard to get you the most value for your money and know with any of our systems we can save you hundreds of dollars, sometimes thousands in the long run.

For some households or businesses that use a lot of soft water, having  the Automatic Water Softener installed permanently may be the best option.

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