Water Coolers

Vertex’s Pure Water Coolers will save you money and the hassle of bottled water service!

Morley Water values our customers, so we provide the best alternative to bottled water service for your home or business. Pure Water Coolers are free-standing water purification units. These water dispensing units come in a variety of sizes and options to fit your needs. Not only will a Pure Water Cooler eliminate your monthly bottled water bill, it will save you the hassle of storing and lifting those large, heavy bottles.

What’s the big deal about filtered water?

City water treatment removes dirt and debris while adding chlorine. That’s why municipal water tastes so bad. However, the big deal is that it does not remove dissolved minerals and contaminants from the water. With increasing pollution of our surface and ground water including nitrates, perchlorates and pesticides, it’s more important than ever to remove impurities.

Two options for clean, great tasting water:

Standard Filtration System - This system removes particles such as sand and rust as small as 5-microns with the first stage, the sediment filter. The second stage is activated-carbon filter that eliminates chlorine and its taste and odor.

Reverse Osmosis Filtration System – this top of the line system removes an average of 95% of dissolved contaminants from the water. This 3-Stage Reverse Osmosis (RO) system uses the same 2 stages of the Standard Filtration and adds the RO membrane to remove dissolved minerals and contaminants at the molecular level including those that cause scale deposits.

Bottle-less Water Cooler Units

Temperature options include Hot with “Reboil,” Room and Cold Dispensers. “Reboil” temporarily increases the water temp 12- 15 degrees F above the normal hot temperature, great for tea and soup! Many choices of full size and counter top models available. Other options include built in refrigerator, cup dispensers and many more. Color choice includes standard white and executive gray.

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purified drinking water, reverse osmosis, morley water, redlands, water cooler, instant hot water





Redlands, ca botle-less coolers, counter top water cooler, instant hot water, reverse osmosis, purified drinking waterMultiple Options to Fit Your Needs and Budget!

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